Sprite Packer

Fit your sprites easier!

Clever Sprite Packer is an essential tool for development of games and web applications. This application is completely free for personal and commercial use. It allows to the packaging multiple sprites into one sprite sheet. A must have tool when you creating 2D animation.


Optimalization your sheets
Select using OptiPNG algorithm to compress your sprite sheets and reduce memory usages.
Unify content location in animation
Select file from list files and set alignment and offset to fit animation frame
Many keyboard shortcuts
Create sprite sheet easy and fast. You find full list of keyboard shortcuts on help in application.
Support static and animated sheets
Select type of sheet - animated or static
Easy adding files
Drag and Drop support
POT results
Create power of two image size
Support animated sheet
Change fps property to change speed of animation
Modify canvas
Change canvas size to unify frames size
On/off animation or zoom image view



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